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    State-of-the-art technology. Elegant and simple in design and function...

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recirculator 8.0

State-of-the-art technology. Elegant and simple in design and function. The Recirculator 8.0 is the latest and most straight forward device developed specifically for intraperitoneal and intrathoracic hyperthermia, brought to you by the most experienced team of medical device professionals in the industry.

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Both FDA-cleared and CE mark-approved, the Recirculator 8.0 simply, efficiently, and reliably directs a heated sterile solution through the lower abdomen or thoracic cavity.

The Recirculator 8.0 features a highly readable, adjustable 12” color touch screen with easy to select settings for preheat, patient, and drain modes.

The compact, highly portable control console features:

  • Auto-calibrating internal pump
  • A reliable, high-speed microprocessor
  • State-of-the-art electronic controls
  • Easy to use touch screen monitor
  • The ability to monitor four independent temperature probes
  • Sturdy, dependable, insulated construction
Additional features include:
  • An oversized IV hanger that supports up to 8 liters of fluid
  • A spring-loaded arm that neatly encases all of the cables
  • A patient temperature probe cable connected to the console for easy access to the patient
  • Individual-lock wheels for easy movement and control
  • USB Port is easily accessed for saving date, time, and procedural temperature and flow data, with no patient unique data storage issues
  • Cam-lock handle assures the reservoir is in place and correctly positioned for self-priming when pre-heating begins
  • Polycarbonate reservoir provides durability and visibility

The Recirculator 8.0 is used in conjunction with the single-use Lavage Procedure Kit

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