our philosophy

At Eight Medical Corporation, it is our mission to

  • Advance the Science of Hyperthermic Delivery
  • Create State-of-the-Art Medical Technology that is Simple in Design and Function
  • Deliver Exceptional On-Site Service
  • Foster Collaboration among Providers Toward Improving Patient Outcomes

We are motivated by the needs of patients.
We are inspired by the health care professionals who treat them.
We are informed by our on the ground collaborations with surgeons and perfusionists.

And most of all,
We are devoted to improving the quality of life of patients. Whether in the hospital, lab, engineering studio, assembly line, or office, each member of the Eight Medical team is committed to continuously cultivating and expanding our mission.
Eight Medical Corporation 345 S. College Avenue,
Suite 103 Bloomington, IN 47403-1505
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