about us

Eight Medical Corporation is the company that has developed the most advanced intraperitoneal hyperthermia device on the market today.

Eight Medical is dedicated to advancing the science of hyperthermic delivery, from technology to treatment and fostering collaboration among providers toward improving outcomes for patients.


Eight Medical Corporation is a privately-held medical device company located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Eight Medical’s leading technology, the Recirculator 8.0, is an FDA-cleared and CE-approved medical device designed and manufactured for Intraperitoneal Hyperthermia (IPH) and Intrathoracic Hyperthermia (ITH).

Surgeons in major centers in the U.S. and Europe use this new technology to simply, efficiently and reliably direct a heated sterile solution through the lower abdomen or thoracic cavity, in conjunction with cytoreductive surgery for patient treatment.

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